Conversion Optimization - A/B testing, multivariate testing

Conversion Optimization - A/B testing, multivariate testing

Do you have many visitors? Congratulations! But how many of them are your clients? Did they buy your products and services? How can you convert your visitors in customers for your online business? That's why you need a conversion optimization, with A/B testing and also multivariate testing. We can help you reach your goals and increase the percentage of online sales.

What we offer:

  • Multiple A/B testing
  • Develop and simplify via usability checks
  • Analyze and report every step
  • Optimize every step of the conversion path

Note that multivariate testing is just un upgraded version of a/b. By making multiple a/b experiments we know and analyze better each KPI than with the multivariate method.
Every page can be better, don't stop testing!

This is our pricing plan

Package Price
Fixed fee A/B test
- we estimate about 3 A/B tests per page
- based on the number of pages that directly interact with the final conversion step the price will be:
    33 € X number of A/B tests X number of pages
*requires web development - implementation
33 €
Success fee
- performance based by achieving certain parameters requested by the client (example: conversion rate increased from 5% to 10%; lead generation increased by 20%; etc)
optional ADD-ON

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